August 2001


"A review of the past month and what's ahead!"


The Business of Canadian Engineering

Coalition to Renew Canada's Infrastructure

The Coalition to Renew Canada's Infrastructure (CRCI) recently applauded the recommendations of the federal advisory panel reviewing the Canada Transportation Act. In total, the report made more than 90 recommendations on how to improve Canada's Transportation system. Noteworthy among these recommendations was that the federal and provincial governments should earmark fuel taxes for roads and mass transit, a federal-provincial body should be established that would be responsible for the administration of our national highways, and governments explore making greater use of public-private partnership models to finance new road construction.

It is hoped that the report will have a strong influence in the work currently being conducted by the Transportation Blueprint initiative launched by Minister Collenette in April 2001. For a copy of the report please visit the Transport Canada web-site at:

Contract awarded for Student Outreach

ACEC is pleased to announce the hiring of Stiff Sentences Inc. and their team of Everest Communications and in Motion DVS Inc. to develop the content and produce the tools for the high school portion of our National Student Outreach Campaign.

Stiff Sentences Inc. is noted as the first company of writers in the world to be certified to the ISO 9002 standard, the international seal of service excellence and product quality. Stiff Sentences Inc. offers specialized services in the field of corporate writing, corporate publications, speeches, advertising, promotion and new media.

Interviews were held the second week of August in Ottawa, and as a result of those presentations, and the answers to our many questions, the RFP Task Force selected the Stiff Sentences team. Members of the Task Force include John Boyd of Golder Associates, Andrea Cassano of the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students, Helena Daly of the Ontario School Counsellors Association, Mike Ketchum, guidance counselor from New Brunswick, John MacDonald, Director, Human Resources, Giffels Associates Limited , Heather Mace of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board , Danuszia Mordasiewicz of HRDC, Jacques Pelletier of the Canada Career Consortium , Deborah Wolfe of CCPE and Tim Page of ACEC. We thank the Task Force for their efforts. For more information, please contact Tim Page at the ACEC National Office.

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