October 2001


"A review of the past month and what's ahead!"


The Business of Canadian Engineering

A gala evening featuring a performance by Michelle Wright was the backdrop for the presentation of the 2001 Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards held in Calgary, Alberta, hosted by the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada in collaboration with the Association of Consulting Engineers of Alberta and the Canadian Consulting Engineer magazine.

"The 47 submissions to this yearís Award program help to illustrate the breadth of Canadian engineering that contributes to our quality of life and standard of living in all regions of Canada", said Tim Page, President of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada. He added, "the projects demonstrate the innovative and value added role played by consulting engineers in responding to modern business and technical challenges while, at the same time, also contributing to Canadaís social and environmental objectives."


ACEC is pleased to announce the hiring of Claude Paul Boivin as its new President and Chief Operating Officer. Claude Paul assumes the office on December 3 succeeding five strong years of leadership from our departing President Tim Page.

Before joining ACEC Claude Paul worked in a wide variety of fields from international development, special events management and the performing arts, to public administration and professional associations.

For more than 16 years, Claude Paul held key positions with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), including regional director for West Africa and senior advisor to the President. While at IDRC, he lived and worked in Africa and traveled extensively.

Claude Paul also has extensive experience in working with volunteers. He was executive director for the organization of the fifth International Conference on AIDS in Montreal in 1989, which

brought together more than 12,000 participants including 1,300 journalists. He is also currently a member of the Board of the Government Relations Institute of Canada and is the National Capital Region Chapter President this year of the Canadian Society of Association Executives.

Since 1991 Claude Paul has been the Executive Director and Registrar for the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, a professional organization that represents the interests of 7,000 veterinarians across the country and directs the professionís various certification programs.

In joining ACEC Claude Paul is "impressed by the direction you are taking and the commitment you have made to deliver value to member firms. Both messages are very clear to me from my reading of the ACECís Strategic Plan and from this yearís Action Plan of Chair Andrew Steeves, P.Eng. ACEC is a well-run national organization with a strong and confident sense of where it is going and how it intends to get there. I am looking forward to learning in greater depth about the issues of most importance to member firms and member organizations across the country and to working to achieve the strategic plan objectives the national Board of Directors has clearly established for the years to come."

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