November 2001


"A review of the past month and what's ahead!"


The Business of Canadian Engineering

issues and browse our E-Shop. The Web-site will be updated regularly and you will be able to find information on current activities and future projects. You can find the new and improved Web-site at the same address as the previous version, at Please take the opportunity to browse the new Web-site and we welcome any comments you may have. Please contact Dominique Paluck at with any questions or comments. We hope you will enjoy the new Web-site!

Special Change to the structural design requirements for arched roofs.

ACEC would like to advise its members of a document produced by the National Research Council reporting a potentially significant design shortcoming in the snow load provisions of the National Building Code (NBC). A "Special Change" to the NBC addressing this shortcoming has been approved by the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes. You can view the full text of the letter distributed by the National Research Council at:


It has been my distinct pleasure to serve as President of ACEC for the past five years. I have seen in the eyes of the hundreds of consulting engineers with whom I have worked a passion for the profession and for your invaluable work performed on a daily basis. As I pursue new career directions I will be looking for that same passion that so clearly defines your raison d’ętre. I am leaving an organization that has a clear idea of where it wants to go and how to get there. The Association is strong, blessed by strong Board leadership and administrative management support at the provincial, territorial and national levels. I trust that you will help your new President Claude Paul Boivin to feel as welcome to the Association as you made me feel five years ago and will commit to support the activities of your national association with as much if not more commitment under his leadership. I wish you all productive, healthy and happy days in the years to come. I shall miss my association with ACEC.


On November 26th ACEC presented the business of consulting engineering to an audience of 80 Canadian Trade Commissioners and other representatives of Trade Team Canada during Construct Canada held in Toronto. The objective of the seminar was to educate our trade commissioners and trade officers serving overseas as to the role played by consulting engineers and the services we offer across six separate business sectors: water and waste water; transportation; environment; buildings; energy and industrial.

Participating for ACEC were Andrew Steeves of ADI Ltd., Tim Schnarr and John Washington of Delcan; Randy Sinukoff of Jacques Whitford; Gerry Faubert of Keen Engineering; Bob Livet of AMEC and Harold Danilkewich of SNC-Lavalin. Tim Page provided a general overview of the industry including the key challenges facing our membership in the international arena where trade officers could be of assistance. The challenges included: pre-pipeline intelligence; helping to identify credible partners; sources for private sector financing; and, the promotion of transparent trade and procurement rules.

ACEC launches new Web-site

ACEC launched their new Web-site this week! With a new look and improved interface, it is now faster and easier to find the information you are looking for. You will still be able to view member profiles, down-

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