Spring 2011

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DND and DCC Discuss Industry Trends and Expected Work

Firms doing business with Defence Construction Canada (DCC) or the Department of National Defence (DND) can expect more work this fiscal year.
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Consulting Engineers of
Manitoba Changes its Name

Consulting Engineers of Manitoba officially changes its name to the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies Manitoba.
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Design Services Will Be Another Sector to Ride the Commodities Wave

Article by Alex Carrick, Reed Construction Data

Higher commodity prices drive owners in the natural resources sector to take on projects. Design professions will be the chief beneficiaries.
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ACEC/PSMJ Project Management Bootcamp

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May 19 -20, 2011
Toronto, ON

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ACEC Summit & National Convention

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Montebello, Québec
June 23-25, 2011

The ACEC Summit & National Convention is a great way to learn, network with peers and face the issues surrounding a recovering economy.

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