November 4, 2011

ACEC Hill Day a Complete Success
Message: Infrastructure Renewal is Vital to Canada
ACEC representatives discuss the importance of a long-term infrastructure plan with the Hon. Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance. From left to right: Herb Kuehne, ACEC Chairman; Susie Grynol, ACEC VP Policy and Public Affairs; the Hon. Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance; John Gamble, ACEC President; and Wilfrid Morin, ACEC Past-Chairman.

ACEC delivered a clear message to Members of Parliament earlier this week: Canada needs a national, long-term infrastructure plan and we are prepared to help. All three major federal parties pledged to develop such a plan in their election platforms and ACEC did its work to hold the government to account.

ACEC's Parliament Hill Day was a resounding success. In total, ACEC delegates attended over 40 meetings with senior politicians from all political parties. Highlights included a meeting with the Hon. Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, the Hon. James Moore, Minister of Heritage, Dean Del Mastro, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, as well as the Chief of Staff to Peggy Nash of the NDP.

In the morning of Hill Day, participants got an insider view from political journalist Jane Taber about "Who's Hot and Who's Not" on Parliament Hill. Following the breakfast, participants attended meetings from 9:00am-5:30pm, as well as lunch in the Parliamentary Dining Room, and a viewing of Question Period.

A press conference was also held at 10:30am on Parliament Hill during which John Gamble, President of ACEC, Herb Kuehne and Wilfrid Morin, Chair and Past-Chair of the ACEC Board of Directors, broadcasted a message to local and national media. A press release issued by ACEC has also led to a number of interviews.

The Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards Gala took place in the evening of the same day, November 1, 2011. Members of award winning firms were key participants in Parliament Hill Day, along with members of the ACEC Board of Directors, as well as board members and executive directors from ACEC's provincial counterparts.

Members of Parliament have numerous demands on their time and attention. Parliament Hill Day is the consulting engineering industry's opportunity to present a strong and coordinated message about issues that are affecting the industry. It also presents an opportunity to raise the profile of consulting engineering by connecting MPs with their award winning constituents and showcasing the accomplishments of our sector.

It is extremely important for our elected representatives to recognize and understand the role of Canadian consulting engineers and the importance of long-term infrastructure investment to preserving Canada's quality of life. Parliament Hill Day is a cornerstone of ACEC's advocacy program, and once again, it served the industry well.


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