February 2012

5 Tips That Make You Accessible to Your Clients Even When You Can't Be

Article by PSMJ


While it may be impossible to be available for your clients every moment of the day, making them feel as though they have constant access to you can go a long way in building a great client relationship. How can you do this without neglecting your other work? Follow these five tips:

1. Be responsive. When a client reaches out to you, get information back to them quickly. Don’t put off simple requests because you think you can get to it later. Every client should feel as though they are the most important—never act as though you are too busy for them.

2. Be timely. If you aren’t able to fulfill a request immediately, recognize the client’s request and set a deadline for when you will have a response to them. Most importantly, follow through with this deadline.

3. Update your voicemail message. Regularly updating your voicemail message will give clients a sense that you are connecting with them even when you are unavailable. Simply knowing where you are during a given week, and when you will be available will let them know when they can expect a response from you.

4. Assign a backup. A successful PM will keep their team informed of all key.htmlects of a project, and assigning an assistant PM who can field questions when you are unavailable, will let clients know who they can turn to for immediate assistance.

5. Be honest. Above everything else, honesty is your greatest asset when building relationships. If you forget or are unable to respond to a client, don’t offer excuses. Mistakes happen and it is how you respond to them that will build trust with your client.

Following these five tips , making your clients feel as though they are always connected, will strengthen the trust and confidence within your relationship.

Reprinted with Permission: From PSMJ Resources, Inc., Project Management. January 2011. Volume 20. Number 1. (www.psjm.com).

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