February 2012

ACEC to Have Input on Long-Term Infrastructure Plan


From left to right: John Gamble, ACEC President; Susie Grynol, ACEC Vice-President; Prime Minister Stephen Harper; Herb Kuehne, ACEC Chairman; and James Rajotte, MP, Chair of the Finance Committee.

Consulting engineers will have a voice in the federal government’s creation of a long-term infrastructure plan. The intention to create a plan was formally announced by the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, Denis Lebel on November 30th where ACEC and other stakeholders were also present. This commitment by the Government is consistent with ACEC's recent position paper on long-term infrastructure investment which was presented to MPs at ACEC’s Parliament Hill Day on November 1st, 2011.

Since the announcement, ACEC has been working with Infrastructure Canada, and other key stakeholders, to develop the plan. The first phase “Taking Stock,” will include a series of reports aimed at raising the level of knowledge and literacy with regards to the value and importance of infrastructure. One such report will focus on the important role of engineers where ACEC, together with Engineers Canada and the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers (CSCE), will co-author a report.

ACEC will also participate in the next phase “Identifying Priorities” to help ensure all levels of government have the right information to make informed decisions on infrastructure investments. Infrastructure Canada will work with its partners and stakeholders to build knowledge around five broad themes:

  • Infrastructure and the Economy
  • Infrastructure and the Environment
  • Infrastructure and Stronger Communities
  • Financing Infrastructure
  • Asset Planning and Sustainability

ACEC intends to solicit input and participation from its membership to ensure that the perspective and expertise available from the consulting engineering sector will help shape the plan. For more information on Infrastructure Canada’s engagement plan for long-term infrastructure, visit www.infrastructure.gc.ca

The government’s recognition of the consulting engineering community and its important contribution to infrastructure and to Canadian society in general, was reaffirmed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper during a recent meeting with ACEC representatives. For more information on ACEC’s meeting with the Prime Minister, click here.

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