February 2012

ACEC to Release Revised Sub-Consultant Agreement


In response to member requests, ACEC has again revised its Document 32 - Agreement between Engineer and Sub-Consultant. The new Document 32 reflects changes to contract law and engineering practice in Canada. It is currently being translated and prepared for publication and will be available shortly to ACEC members. This document has historically been one of the most requested documents available from ACEC and represents significant work by the ACEC Contracts Committee. The language and format of the document has also been redesigned to make it clearer and more user-friendly.

ACEC is currently reviewing its entire suite of professional agreements, fully embracing the same principles of commercial fairness that characterized the well-received updates to ACEC Document 31 released in 2010. The official release of Document 32 date will be announced this month. More updated and revised ACEC documents are expected to be announced over the course of 2012.

Please visit www.acec.ca to view other ACEC Documents and Publications.

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