February 2, 2012

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Prime Minister of Canada Meets with ACEC

From left to right: John Gamble, ACEC President; Susie Grynol, ACEC Vice-President; Prime Minister Stephen Harper; Herb Kuehne, ACEC Chairman; and James Rajotte, MP, Chair of the Finance Committee.

ACEC officials met with Prime Minister Stephen Harper yesterday to thank him and the Government of Canada for commencing work on a long-term infrastructure plan. At this meeting, ACEC also had the opportunity to meet with James Rajotte, Member of Parliament for Edmonton – Leduc and Chair of the Standing Committee on Finance.

Infrastructure is vital to Canada’s public safety, economic growth and quality of life. By committing to work with the consulting engineering industry and other various stakeholders, the Government of Canada has demonstrated that Canada’s infrastructure is a priority.

A plan was announced by the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, Denis Lebel on November 30th to work with ACEC and other stakeholders. This commitment by the Government is consistent with ACEC's recent position paper on long-term infrastructure investment. ACEC has already begun discussions with Infrastructure Canada on the next steps, which includes taking stock of what the government and its partners have accomplished to date; identifying knowledge gaps; addressing priorities; and discussing the orientation of the long-term plan with stakeholders.

“ACEC was pleased to have the opportunity to personally thank the Prime Minister and the Government of Canada for their renewed support of a long-term infrastructure plan for Canada,” stated ACEC Chairman, Herb Kuehne, P.Eng. “ACEC looks forward to continued participation in the next stages of this process in order to develop a sustainable plan that will meet the needs of Canadians.”

ACEC also took the opportunity to congratulate the Prime Minister on the success of the recent stimulus program that created significant economic activity through infrastructure investment.

Yesterday’s opportunity with Prime Minister Harper is the result of ACEC’s strong advocacy and government relations program.  ACEC staff and volunteers continue to raise the profile of the consulting engineering sector and advance important public policy issues such as infrastructure investment. Recently, on November 1, 2011, ACEC representatives from across Canada met with over 40 federal politicians, including Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, to discuss infrastructure investment. ACEC has since been invited by Infrastructure Canada to participate as a key stakeholder in the development of the long-term infrastructure plan announced by Minister Lebel.

For further information on ACEC’s advocacy efforts or to view ACEC’s Position Paper – The Benefits of Infrastructure Investment, please visit www.acec.ca.  For a recap of ACEC’s activities on Parliament Hill on November 1st, please view our Hill Day highlights video

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