November 2013

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ACEC's Parliament Hill Day gets traction

ACECís Parliament Hill Day brought over 35 representatives from the consulting engineering sector to Ottawa for meetings with over 65 Members of Parliament. This is a record number of meetings and participants.
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ACEC-Canada, ACEC-US send joint letter to U.S. and Canadian governments supporting Keystone XL Pipeline approval

The American and Canadian engineering industries have the know-how and means to bring Canada's vast energy reserves to market while minimizing any negative environmental impacts.
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2013 Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards Ė
a showcase of engineering excellence

Learn more about the 2013 CCE Award winners, including the five projects selected for a Special Achievement Award and this yearís recipient of ACECís prestigious Beaubien Award.
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Susie Grynol, a dynamic association executive, will be missed at ACEC

After nearly nine years with ACEC, Susie Grynol, VP, Policy and Public Affairs, is moving on.
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ACEC-DFS seminars get positive reviews

Recent training seminars on ACEC standard forms of agreement and contracting best practices were well received by participants in Moncton and Vancouver.

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CCDC 14 and 15 contracts now available

The Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) has published two new design-build contract forms.
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FIDIC launches Sustainability Pack

At its recent centenary conference, FIDIC launched the Sustainability Pack, a set of documents and tools to support the involvement of consulting engineers in sustainable development.
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