August 2014

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ACEC issues an open letter to the Premiers
on infrastructure and interprovincial trade


In response to comments arising from the Council of the Federation summer meeting in Charlottetown, the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies–Canada (ACEC) applauds the Premiers for significant attention being given to the need for infrastructure investment by all levels of government. ACEC also supports enhancing internal trade within Canada in principle. However, ACEC has also cautioned the Premiers that the recent New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA) contains provisions that have unintentionally discouraged the use of recognized best practices for procurement of engineering services. This has made it more difficult to provide innovation and long-term savings on some infrastructure projects.

Read the open letter to the Premiers stating ACEC’s official position in further detail.

ACEC members are free to share this advisory with affected parties, including clients, and other stakeholders.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this issue, please contact:

John Gamble, ACEC President & CEO
(613) 236-0569 ext. 201

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