April 2014

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ACEC report reviews sustainability measurement systems for engineering projects

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Dear ACEC members,

ACEC is pleased to announce the release of a report that will serve as a valuable resource to ACEC member firms as well as owners of both public and private infrastructure. This document is being provided to ACEC members in advance of a formal release to the media and external stakeholders.

In addition to explaining the important role engineers play in ensuring our sustainable future, Sustainable Development for Canadian Consulting Engineers identifies proven practices and tools developed by the engineering community around the world that will help consulting engineers and their clients achieve sustainable projects that meet the needs of our population over the long term.

This report was commissioned by ACEC with three overall objectives in mind: 

  • To put together a summary of the background to sustainable development and its implications for consulting engineers and their clients,
  • To look at existing systems to measure the sustainability of infrastructure projects and consider their possible use in Canada, and
  • To suggest an approach that would support the membership in their efforts to execute projects more sustainably.

This report will both contribute to a growing body of knowledge and guide consulting engineering firms and their clients towards solutions that address today’s needs and those of tomorrow. 

We hope that you will find the report informative and helpful. Please feel free to share it with your colleagues and clients.



John Gamble, CET, P.Eng.

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