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mai 2014

FIDIC Awards 2014: Closing date for nominations is May 30, 2014


At the FIDIC Centenary Awards ceremony in Barcelona 2013, FIDIC was delighted to award trophies of excellence for projects and individuals that have made a significant contribution over the last 100 years of its history. The FIDIC Executive Committee has agreed to continue presenting FIDIC Awards on an annual basis to recognise outstanding projects that support and promote FIDIC principles and practices.

The FIDIC Awards will:

• promote FIDIC principles: quality, integrity and sustainability

• celebrate outstanding engineering projects of FIDIC member firms

• help publicise the work of consulting engineering firms and the contribution they make to quality of life

• encourage others to understand and support FIDIC principles

The Awards will support the aims of the Federation which are to promote the use of international FIDIC best practice and resources to achieve quality projects that help world economies and communities to develop.

The FIDIC Awards will be presented every year at the international Gala Dinner that closes the FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference.

FIDIC Awards 2014
FIDIC Awards 2014 – Programme
FIDIC Awards 2014 – Nomination form
FIDIC Awards 2014 – Call for entries

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