April 2014

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New Building Canada Fund: ACEC seeks clarifications, proposes improvements

Following the announcement of the New Building Canada Fund (NBCF), ACEC and other stakeholders have identified a number of issues requiring clarification by the federal government.
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ACEC's upcoming initiatives for 2014-2015

In promoting a business environment that recognizes and rewards our members’ expertise and contributions to society, here’s what ACEC is doing for you.
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ACEC supports Canada’s engineering students at 2014 Canadian Engineering Competition

More than 150 of Canada’s best and brightest engineering students competed in the 2014 Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC), March 13-16 at Western University in London, Ontario.
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FIDIC Awards 2014: Closing date for nominations is May 30, 2014

FIDIC Awards recognise outstanding projects that support and promote FIDIC principles and practices.
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Seminars on documents for the use of BIM in Canada

The Institute for BIM in Canada will be conducting a series of seminars across Canada during April and May, 2014.

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Engineering research labs are open for business

Companies can stay competitive by tapping into Canada’s incredible storehouse of research capability — if they know where to find it.

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June 19-21
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Join us for ACEC’s Leadership Summit 2014 where you’ll learn how to achieve important gains in business innovation that will advance your firm and position it for success, now and in the future.
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FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference

Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

28 September  – 1 October, 2014
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
For details, please refer to the conference website and registration information.

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