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September 2014

ACEC member and sector study in its final stage

Make sure your voice is heard – online survey opens this week


It was a busy summer for membership engagement at ACEC. The comprehensive member study that started in June advanced quickly over the past months with focus group sessions held with member firms in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver. These sessions, organized with the support of the Member Organizations (MOs) and managed by ACEC’s consultants at Acart Communications, provided instrumental feedback on the value member firms affix to their membership and the current and future issues they believe the consulting engineering sector is facing. Acart also carried out telephone interviews with current and lapsed member firms, as well as consulting engineering firms that have never been members. The feedback collected from these activities has informed the final aspect of the study: an online survey to all ACEC members.

ACEC’s online member survey: your input is needed

The online survey will open the week of September 15 and will provide all member firms the opportunity to provide input on how ACEC and its MOs are delivering on member services and programs. It will also allow the opportunity to let ACEC know about programs and services that would help them be more successful in the current and future marketplace. By actively participating in this survey, you will assist ACEC and the MOs in streamlining and improving current programs, and developing new services that best meet the varying needs of members across the country.

How to access the survey

Watch your inbox during the week of September 15 for your invitation to participate. The survey will only take about 10 minutes to complete and you are encouraged to share the survey link with your colleagues.   

The final results of the study will be presented by Acart Communications to the ACEC Board of Directors and the MOs in mid-October and shared with ACEC members shortly thereafter.

With these results in hand, ACEC will be better informed and equipped to work with the MOs to align our current services and programs, and develop new ones, in an effort to further increase the value our member firms gain from their membership in our organizations, and ensure the ongoing success of the industry.


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