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ACEC is the voice of consulting engineering companies on national issues.

April 2016

ACEC’s post-budget update

Impact on consulting engineering firms and key issues to watch for

Now that the dust has somewhat settled around the recently tabled federal budget, ACEC has a broader understanding of the budget’s impact on the Canadian consulting engineering sector and on what issues it will watch for as the plan unfolds and materializes.

Energy sector has a future

The ability of the energy sector to be innovative and responsive is important to Canada’s long-term prosperity. John Gamble takes part in the Future of Canada's Energy Sector conference as a featured panelist.

ACEC presents QBS to Yukon government

Government officials and contractors hear from ACEC that selecting consulting engineers using Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) results in better outcomes and significant life-cycle savings.

March 2016

Federal infrastructure program needs to be efficient and strategic

ACEC speaks out in advance of Budget 2016

With the release of the federal budget set for March 22, ACEC is actively engaging both elected and department officials to ensure that the association and its members are seen, collectively, as a valued stakeholder and a trusted voice with government.

Make a difference! Strengthen consulting engineering in Canada

Participate in ACEC’s #InvestInfrastructure campaign and Parliamentary Partners program

ACEC encourages all its members to participate in its #InvestInfrastructure campaign and is pleased to invite any member interested in advocating on behalf of the industry to join our grassroots efforts and register as an official Parliamentary Partner.

ACEC-SK advocates strategic infrastructure investment in lead-up to provincial election

Strategic infrastructure investment will be the message put forward by ACEC-SK in the lead-up to Saskatchewan’s election on April 4. ACEC-SK is pleased to announce the launch of its “Informed Infrastructure Investment” election campaign and encourages all member firms to get involved.

February 2016

Make your voice heard on infrastructure

Participate in federal pre-budget consultations

ACEC is encouraging its members to get involved and have their voice heard by the federal government on the importance of infrastructure investment.

Progress made on industry concerns with federal real property projects

ACEC establishes liaison committee with BGIS

Improvements are being made to procurement and terms and conditions used on projects administered by Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions (BGIS) on behalf of the federal government.

2016 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card

Canada’s municipal infrastructure at risk of rapid deterioration

Informing the Future: The 2016 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card assessed the state of municipal roads and bridges, public transit, buildings, sport and recreation facilities, stormwater, wastewater and potable water infrastructure. The results indicate that much of Canada's municipal infrastructure is at a critical juncture. ACEC is a member of the Report Card Advisory Board.

January 2016

New federal government offers opportunities, challenges for consulting engineers

"The infrastructure investments… are not a problem — they are part of the solution'': Justin Trudeau

ACEC will build on the advocacy efforts of its members at the grassroots level to educate new parliamentarians about the importance of our industry and infrastructure investment.

December 2015

ACEC’s advocacy gets results

Year in review

Over the past year, ACEC delivered clear and consistent messages to the federal government on behalf of its members. These efforts have had positive results, including the newly elected government committing to the largest new investment in infrastructure in Canadian history.

ACEC-BC launches online QBS resource

ACEC-BC has developed an exciting new online resource to help municipalities and other owners implement effective procurement practices. Supported in part by ACEC-Canada, the website brings together QBS-related information in one convenient location and includes guides, templates and studies that offer detailed explanation of Qualifications Based Selection. The site also features a 1-minute introductory video explaining the basic concept of the QBS process.

Fall 2015

Federal election results offer opportunities for consulting engineering

ACEC looks forward to working with new government

With the election of a new government on October 19th, ACEC anticipates increased opportunities for consulting engineering firms including a significant expansion of infrastructure investment. During the election, the Liberal Party provided responses to a number of questions from ACEC.

Canadian delegation attends FIDIC conference in Dubai

ACEC Chair Perry Mitchelmore, President and CEO John Gamble and other Canadian participants joined several hundred representatives of 101 countries at the annual conference of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), which was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in September.

World Bank procurement reforms include engineering sector input from FIDIC and ACEC

The World Bank has a new procurement framework which goes into effect in early 2016. The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) has been consulting closely with the World Bank on the reforms and promoting key issues relevant to the engineering industry. ACEC Past-Chair Anne Poschmann and President & CEO John Gamble were part of a FIDIC delegation to the World Bank in April 2015.

September 2015

Making infrastructure a top election priority

ACEC launches #VoteInfrastructure campaign

The upcoming election on October 19 will be critical for the consulting engineering sector in Canada.  We encourage all member firms to get involved ‒ visit to contact your local candidates.

Pre-budget consultations 2015

ACEC submission to the Standing Committee on Finance

ACEC recently made its annual pre-budget submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance. ACEC used this opportunity to reaffirm the need for strategic, predictable, long-term investment in infrastructure and make key recommendations to the federal government.

Summer 2015

New Chair Perry Mitchelmore assumes leadership of ACEC Board

At the association’s Leadership Summit in June, Perry Mitchelmore, P.Eng. began his term as the Chair of ACEC’s Board of Directors for 2015-2016.

ACEC-SK introduces Stormy Holmes, association’s first female Chair

On June 5th, Stormy Holmes, P.Eng., FEC began her term as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – Saskatchewan (ACEC-SK). Ms. Holmes is ACEC-SK’s newest spokesperson and is the first female Chair in the association’s history.

Christine Harries elected to chair YPN in 2015-2016

ACEC is pleased to announce that Christine Harries, Jr. Eng. at SNC-Lavalin inc., is the new chair of ACEC’s Young Professionals Network (YPN).

Spring 2015

ACEC supports Energy East pipeline project

ACEC’s Board of Directors has adopted a resolution in support of pipelines – a responsible and necessary means of transporting oil and energy resources to market.

ACEC and FIDIC meet World Bank on procurement, integrity

The procurement of engineering services, with an emphasis on quality and qualifications over price, and business integrity were key themes in recent discussions between the World Bank and representatives of the global engineering community. ACEC Chair Anne Poschmann and President & CEO John Gamble were part of a delegation led by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC).

ACEC-SK speaks out on the value of hiring consultants

Use of consulting engineering firms is a proven and cost-effective means of delivering projects says the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – Saskatchewan (ACEC-SK) in a letter responding to recent media and political coverage regarding the increased use and “high costs” of consultants by the Saskatchewan government.

Infrastructure investment fuels economy, improves quality of life

“We need to view infrastructure with the same urgency, importance and national pride as we do health care” says ACEC President and CEO in a Globe & Mail interview.

April 2015

AICQ Young Professional promotes infrastructure investment

On March 14, the chair of the AICQ’s Young Professionals Forum, Ms Véronique Barry, took part in a multi-stakeholder roundtable on the importance of infrastructure planning and financing.

ACEC input requested for Parliament Hill renovations

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) has requested feedback from industry associations representing design and construction firms in preparation for a major renovation of Parliament Hill’s Centre Block.


Industry to save $millions in financial guarantees

ACEC and CCIL kill expensive CNSC proposal

Consulting engineering and testing companies that own nuclear densometers will not have to put aside tens of thousands of dollars in financial guarantees as a result of lobbying from ACEC and the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL).


March 2015

ACEC supports Premiers’ call for infrastructure investment

ACEC issued an open letter in response to comments by federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver following a call for strategic infrastructure investments by Canada’s Premiers during their meeting in Ottawa earlier this year.

Member engagement study results guide ACEC professional development activities

ACEC’s 2014 member engagement and sector study confirmed that member firms are interested in professional development. Find out about face-to-face and online learning opportunities ACEC has to offer your firm.


February 2015

Parliamentary Partners program strengthens our voice

ACEC is expanding government relations leading up to the federal election. Learn how you can get involved.

ACEC speaks out on infrastructure and investing in prosperity

In a presentation to the Financial Management Institute (FMI), ACEC President & CEO John Gamble outlined the public policy case for infrastructure, characterizing it as an investment in Canada’s social, economic and environmental quality of life.


Have your say on affinity programs

Take our quick 3 question poll on affinity programs that you consider of value to your firm.

Missed the January poll? There is still time to provide your feedback. Participate in the January poll and let us know what value you assign to the activities we conduct as part of our core business.

January 2015

ACEC 2014 Member Engagement and Sector Study Report: recommendations will shape association’s 2015-2016 operations and activities

ACEC is pleased to release its 2014 member engagement and sector study report, which provides the results of a comprehensive study conducted during the latter part of 2014.

Have your say on what you believe are the top industry issues

Take our quick 3 question poll on what you believe are the issues impacting the consulting engineering sector.

Missed the December poll? There is still time to provide your feedback. Participate in the December poll and let us know what value you assign to the activities we conduct as part of our core business.

December 2014

Speaking out for consulting engineering

ACEC year in review

ACEC has made the voice of consulting engineering heard on many important national issues over the past year. ACEC and the consulting engineering sector are regarded as credible and key stakeholders on many issues by both the public and private sectors.

ACEC member engagement and sector study: what member firms value from membership in ACEC and provincial/territorial association

The member engagement and sector study that has been taking place over the past four months was presented to the ACEC Board. The study aimed to understand the value proposition consulting engineering firms assign to being a member of the association both nationally and provincially.

November 2014

MPs reach out in response to ACEC Parliament Hill Day cancellation

Due to the tragic events that occurred in Ottawa on October 22, ACEC’s Parliament Hill Day, which was scheduled to take place the following day, was cancelled. However, several key meetings have been rescheduled at the request of Members of Parliament who recognize the important contribution of the consulting engineering sector.

Member engagement – a constant process of consultation

We want to hear from you!

In an effort to keep our finger on the pulse of the association’s membership, we will be reaching out to you each month with a quick poll on questions or issues that impact you, your colleagues and your firm. Taking a few minutes to respond will help us provide the support that best meets your needs.

October 2014

ACEC’s Parliament Hill advocacy sets sights on 2015 federal election

ACEC members will be visiting Parliament Hill on October 23 to brief MPs on important industry issues. With a federal election anticipated in 2015, this year’s Parliament Hill Day will be especially important.

ACEC-NB advocacy campaign focuses on infrastructure investment

Prior to the recent election in New Brunswick, ACEC-NB issued a media release urging all parties to commit to a long-term infrastructure plan for the province.

ACEC-SK hosts SaskPower at first Consulting Engineering and Geoscience Industry Forum

Initiated by ACEC-Saskatchewan’s Industry Resources Committee, this forum provided an opportunity for discussion on key industry issues. An objective of SaskPower, a crown corporation, is to strengthen vendor relationships.

September 2014

ACEC’s Parliamentary Partners program kicks off with great success

ACEC’s Parliamentary Partners program, launched as a pilot over the summer, invited past participants of ACEC’s Parliament Hill Day to liaise with Members of Parliament in their own communities, engaging them in advocacy on an ongoing basis and creating a pool of experienced “citizen lobbyists” on behalf of the industry. Based on feedback to date, ACEC will be expanding the program to strengthen advocacy and image building leading up to the federal election in 2015.

ACEC member and sector study in its final stage

Make sure your voice is heard – online survey opens this week

After a busy summer conducting focus groups across the country, ACEC’s comprehensive membership study is coming to you.

QBS may soon be a reality

Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) may soon be the reality for selection of consulting engineering services in Alberta. Excellent relationships with government elected officials and staff have led to a clear understanding of the benefits of QBS.

Summer 2014

New Chair Anne Poschmann to lead ACEC Board

Priorities include member engagement, growth and retention

At ACEC’s Leadership Summit in June, Anne Poschmann, P.Eng. began her tenure as Chair of the association’s Board of Directors for 2014-2015.

ACEC seeks members’ input on programs and services

Feedback will improve value to members

ACEC is working with member firms and member organizations to better understand and improve the benefits and value members seek from the association.

May 2014

ACEC focuses on value to its members

To ensure ACEC offers value to its members, we have made member engagement one of our highest priorities. It is one of ACEC’s four strategic pillars and a crucial element of the work we are doing. But what does member engagement really mean?

Introducing ACEC-Manitoba’s Technical Women In Consulting Engineering (TWICE)

Formed in 2013, the TWICE committee was established to provide strategic advice to the industry on increasing diversity in consulting engineering.

April 2014

New Building Canada Fund: ACEC seeks clarifications, proposes improvements

Following the announcement of the New Building Canada Fund (NBCF), ACEC and other stakeholders have identified a number of issues requiring clarification by the federal government.

ACEC's upcoming initiatives for 2014-2015

In promoting a business environment that recognizes and rewards our members’ expertise and contributions to society, here’s what ACEC is doing for you.

March 2014

ACEC to launch Parliamentary Partners program

Parliamentary Partners is an outreach program designed to connect ACEC representatives with federal Members of Parliament in their local ridings.

Joe Oliver appointed Minister of Finance

Following the resignation of long-serving Finance Minister Jim Flaherty on March 18, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has appointed Joe Oliver to the key position, moving him from his previous role as Minister of Natural Resources.

February 2014

ACEC launches Parliamentary Partners program

The $53 billion New Building Canada Plan (NBCP) recently announced by the Prime Minister and Minister Lebel is welcome news for consulting engineers and their clients.

Keystone XL Report Positive for Canada

ACEC is applauding a recent report from the United States Department of State indicating that the Keystone XL pipeline will not have a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions. ACEC is speaking out publicly stating that expanding and modernizing oil and gas transportation infrastructure is vital to Canada’s prosperity.

January 2014

ACEC applauds decision of Joint Review Panel on Northern Gateway pipeline

ACEC’s recent press release supports the Joint Review Panel’s recommendation, recognizing the need to balance important economic interests with legitimate environmental and sustainability concerns.

Chamber of Commerce invites ACEC President to lead discussion on infrastructure

ACEC is recognized by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and its members as a leading advocate for infrastructure investment in Canada.

December 2013

Government responds to industry on new Building Canada Plan

A recent announcement by Minister Lebel signals that the government has heard the industry’s message on the need to expedite the new Building Canada Plan.

ACEC and mining sector concerned engineered solutions not being considered in environmental reviews

ACEC-Canada and ACEC-BC recently partnered with the Mining Association of Canada, the BC Chamber of Commerce and other stakeholders to express concern over a potentially precedent setting decision by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA).

November 2013

ACEC's Parliament Hill Day gets traction

ACEC’s Parliament Hill Day brought over 35 representatives from the consulting engineering sector to Ottawa for meetings with over 65 Members of Parliament. This is a record number of meetings and participants.

ACEC-Canada, ACEC-US send joint letter to U.S. and Canadian governments supporting Keystone XL Pipeline approval

The American and Canadian engineering industries have the know-how and means to bring Canada's vast energy reserves to market while minimizing any negative environmental impacts.

Fall 2013

ACEC calls for fast action on framework agreements and more northern infrastructure

During the recess of the House of Commons over the summer, ACEC's government relations team has been working hard on your behalf to move forward on some of the association's key policy areas.

PWGSC clarifies position on Statements of Limitations

In response to ACEC, Pacific Region of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) has clarified its position on accepting Statements of Limitations in consultant reports.

Summer 2013

New Chair Jason Mewis to expand member engagement

On June 21, 2013 at ACEC's annual Summit, outgoing Chair, Murray Thompson, welcomed incoming Chair, Jason Mewis.

CEOs and Young Professionals exchange ideas at ACEC Summit

ACEC facilitates discussion between senior management and Young Professionals (YPs). YP Network representative, Michael Egberts, shares highlights from the YP perspective on achieving success and career development.

Spring 2013

ACEC welcomes FIDIC delegation to Ottawa, Canada

In early May, ACEC hosted an international delegation from FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers).

ACEC discusses CIDA/DFAIT merger with Minister Fast

ACEC met with the Hon. Edward Fast, Minister of International Trade, about the new Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development.

Spring 2013

ACEC Board approves initiatives to support members

New and expanded programs align with key strategies for 2013-2014

The ACEC Board of Directors has committed significant resources to expand the association’s activities in 2013-2014. These activities will support ACEC’s members by promoting a business environment that recognizes and rewards the expertise of members and their contributions to society.

February 2013

ACEC promotes consulting engineering as key to Canada's prosperity

President John Gamble appears before government Industry Committee

The consulting engineering sector's importance to Canada's future prosperity was a key message delivered to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology in Ottawa on February 7, 2013.

December 2012

ACEC engaging with private sector organizations

ACEC's participation in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce strengthens policy development and advocacy.

Public shouldn't pay wage subsidies to thriving industry

Skit Ferguson, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of Consulting Engineers of Nova Scotia and Ray Landry, President of CENS recently voiced their opposition to a new provincial subsidy program. Their op-ed in the Halifax Chronicle Herald notes that investing in infrastructure and other forms of economic development would be a better approach to job creation.

Working with New Brunswick municipalities

A recent panel discussion and presentation to the Union of Municipalities of New Brunswick Board provide opportunities for open dialogue for the industry.

November 2012

ACEC receives support from MPs on Infrastructure

Annual Parliament Hill Day strengthens ACEC's national profile

View photos from Parliament Hill Day 2012

During ACEC's Parliament Hill Day on October 23, 2012, representatives of the consulting engineering sector from across Canada were in Ottawa meeting with over 40 MPs, including Minister of State for Transport Steven Fletcher and Opposition Transport and Infrastructure Critic Olivia Chow.

September 2012

Member Needs Survey will Guide Development of New ACEC Strategic Plan

ACEC will undertake a process to review and update its strategic plan for 2013-2016 based on input from member firms.

ACEC plays Key Role in Federal Infrastructure Roundtables

To ensure long-term economic opportunity for its members, and for Canadians in general, ACEC continues to proactively advocate for long-term federal infrastructure investment.

August 2012

Consulting Engineering Sector has seat at Infrastructure Roundtables

ACEC and its provincial/territorial Member Organizations are providing input on Canada's new long-term infrastructure plan.

Murray Thompson elected ACEC Chair

On June 23, 2012 at ACEC's annual Summit, outgoing Chair Herb Kuehne welcomed incoming Chair Murray Thompson.

June 2012

Consulting Engineers across Canada push consistent message on the New West Partnership Trade Agreement

The consulting engineering sector across Canada is working together to promote interprovincial trade rules that will benefit all Canadians.

ACEC Contributes to Infrastructure Canada Report

New report highlights the important role engineers play in society.

April 2012

ACEC Meets Minister Baird at Post-Budget Breakfast

Minister Baird provides ACEC and other stakeholders with a recap of the federal budget and its implications for Canadian business.

Financial Guarantees on Nuclear Densometers Delayed Indefinitely

ACEC and the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) in Discussions with CNSC.

February 2012

ACEC to Have Input on Long-Term Infrastructure Plan

ACEC has started working with the federal government and other stakeholders on the first phase of a long-term plan.

ACEC to Release Revised Sub-Consultant Agreement

ACEC modifies Document 32 – Agreement Between Engineer and Sub – Consultant in order to better serve its clients.

December 2011

Here's What We've Done for You Lately

Government Relations Year-in-Review

See what ACEC has accomplished for our Member Firms in 2011.

Infrastructure Now A Top Government Priority

ACEC Parliament Hill Day Delivers Results

A long-term infrastructure plan now a top priority for Infrastructure Canada as a result of ACEC and stakeholder advocacy efforts.

ACEC to Procurement Officials: Engineering is an Investment

ACEC attends the Canadian Public Procurement Council Forum in Quebec City

October 2011

ACEC Goes to Parliament Hill to Stress the Importance of Infrastructure Investment

On November 1st, Canadian Consulting Engineer Award winners, members of the ACEC Board, and representatives from ACEC's provincial counterparts will travel to Parliament Hill to promote the importance of long-term investment in infrastructure.

September 2011

ACEC Promotes Infrastructure Investment to the House of Commons Finance Committee

ACEC continues to encourage the federal government to follow through on its pledge to work with stakeholders to develop a long-term infrastructure investment strategy in its submission to the House of Commons Finance Committee.

ACEC Advocates on Behalf of its Sole Practitioners and Employee-Owned Members

More Retirement Savings and Income Options for Members

ACEC is working with the Retirement Income Improvement Coalition (RIIC) to support the introduction of Pooled Registered Pension Plans (PRPPs), and to develop new tax rules for PRPPs benefitting ACEC members.

July 2011

Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) - NEW Online Training Simulation Offered by CSA Standards

Article by Canadian Standards Association

The Canadian Standards Association is now offering an online training for owners and professional services firms to understand the methodology of Qualifications Based Selection.

Advocacy Update – What ACEC is Doing for You

ACEC prepares for a budget briefing to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance and its annual Hill Day on November 1st.

June 2011

Promoting Best Practices for Inter-Provincial Trade

ACEC is working with Member Organizations across Canada to ensure that ongoing trade negotiations among the provinces do not compromise the ability of consulting engineering firms to offer high quality services and value to their clients.

How Will the Federal Election Affect
Engineering Firms?

Big changes are occurring in Ottawa. The good news is that a commitment to long-term infrastructure investment is a policy priority shared by the Tories and the NDP.

April 2011

DND and DCC Discuss Industry Trends
and Expected Work

Firms doing business with Defence Construction Canada (DCC) or the Department of National Defence (DND) can expect more work this fiscal year.

March 2011

How Will the Federal Budget Affect
Engineering Firms?

Budget reflects ACEC recommendations. Should an election be called, ACEC will challenge all political parties to match or exceed this commitment to infrastructure.



February 2011

Trade Agreements Must Not Compromise Professional Services

ACEC opposes trade policies and agreements that prevent public sector organizations from adopting fair procurement of consulting engineering services.


November 2010

ACEC Testifies at Finance Committee

ACEC testified to the Finance Committee and called for a long-term infrastructure investment strategy.


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