2023 Winner - Tia Hill

(OTTAWA) November 4, 2022 – The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies-Canada (ACEC) is pleased to announce that the 2023 Allen D. Williams Scholarship has been awarded to Tia Hill, P.Eng., of Associated Engineering in Calgary. Ms. Hill was announced as the scholarship winner during the Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards celebration which took place on the evening of November 3rd.

An incredible collaborator and a skilled engineer, Tia Hill brings her positive attitude and high energy to everything she does. She is known for her ability to actively listen, understand client concerns, and find the right solutions. Not only does Tia have the precise skillset needed to manage complex and technical projects, but she never loses sight of the larger goal. This means she consistently delivers concrete and meaningful results, and it’s why her peers and leadership team describe her as “the glue that keeps […] projects running smoothly.”

Tia was first inspired to pursue engineering when she learned about the lack of clean drinking water and sanitation in parts of the world, including across Canada in Indigenous and rural communities. She wholeheartedly believes that everyone should have access to clean drinking water. This belief is an important driver in her work as a consulting engineer – a job that combines her passions for strengthening public health and protecting the environment.

While she is one of the youngest managers in her firm, Tia demonstrates the project management and team-building expertise of a seasoned professional. She has a wealth of knowledge in municipal infrastructure, water distribution systems, wastewater treatments, and more. She has also worked closely with Indigenous communities, the Assembly of First Nations, and Indigenous Services Canada to deliver sustainable water and wastewater systems where they are needed most.

Tia never misses an opportunity to give back. She believes her volunteer work within the field not only makes her a better engineer, but also allows her to contribute to the bright future of the consulting engineering industry. Among many important volunteer roles over the years, Tia has dedicated significant time and energy to Consulting Engineers of Alberta, serving in liaison, coordinator, and committee member roles. She also has a long history with ACEC – Tia currently advocates for female engineers on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion steering committee, and in the past has served as Chair of the Young Professionals Network and as a Board Director.

There is no question that Tia has excelled thanks to her exceptional technical ability, leadership skills, and goal-oriented problem solving. These qualities, along with her commitment to building more sustainable and resilient communities in Canada and around the world, made it clear to the scholarship jury that she was the right candidate for the 2023 Allen D. Williams Scholarship.

Every year, ACEC awards a young engineer with a scholarship to recognize their leadership within the industry and to commemorate Allen D. Williams, past ACEC Chair and founder of Williams Engineering Inc. The scholarship provides the recipient with funding to cover registration, airfare and accommodations to attend the annual conference of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC).