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Intelligent ERP & Work Management Solutions for AEC Firms

BST Global designs, develops and deploys project-based ERP and Work Management solutions specifically for the world’s leading architects, engineers and consultancies around the globe. We help the world’s AEC firms prosper with project intelligence™. Our project ERP and Work Management solutions leverage AI and machine learning technology to accurately predict project outcomes, so your project managers can course correct, change project trajectories and deliver more profitable results. 
More than 120,000 professionals across six continents and 65 countries rely on BST Global’s solutions each day to successfully manage their projects, resources, finances and client relationships. With unrivaled industry knowledge, BST Global serves as a trusted partner to its loyal clients and remains at the forefront of innovation to evolve its products for the greater good. 
The company’s flagship offering, BST10, is project-driven, smart and collaborative. 
Project-Driven: Built by project managers for project managers, BST10 works the way teams need it to. Projects are at the center of everything, and its flexible work-breakdown structure gives PMs the power to set projects up how they want and at the level they want. BST10 also offers real-time visibility into project performance and is built to handle local and global business with ease.
Smart: Designed to empower your team, BST10 supports the digital-first, data-driven consultancy of the future. Users enjoy a predictive project management approach with impact zone analysis and anomaly detection alerts. BST10’s platform provides simple and beautiful data visualization through advanced business intelligence tools, and multi-surface functionality, so project information is available anywhere.
Collaborative: Created to meet consultancies where they are, BST10 integrates with today’s leading productivity tools — like Microsoft Teams, Power BI and more — to foster improved team collaboration and project information sharing. Plus, BST10’s expansive API keeps firms seamlessly connected to the technology solutions they’ve already invested in. BST10’s platform is also configurable, so it can adjust to your changing business needs. 
Deployable in the cloud or on-premise as a comprehensive ERP or Work Management solution that integrates with your existing financial ERP system, BST10 is designed to help you manage projects more efficiently and effectively.  
BST10 Enterprise 
BST10 empowers project managers, operations managers and finance professionals with everything you expect from an ERP solution, plus so much more. BST10 helps firms boost project profitability, positively impact cash flow, optimize utilization, apply meaningful data insights and seamlessly integrate with leading productivity tools and third-party investments, all within a consumer-grade user experience. 
BST10 Work Management 
Complement your firm’s current financial ERP investment with the power of BST Global’s Work Management solution for better project and operational performance. Our API seamlessly connects to your current ERP financial solution, Microsoft Teams and other third-party investments. This helps you save money, increase efficiency and empower your teams.
For more information on BST Global’s intelligent ERP and Work Management solutions, visit to schedule a personalized demo.