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RSM’s purpose is to deliver the power of being understood to our clients, colleagues and communities through world-class audit, tax and consulting services focused on middle market businesses. The clients we serve are the engine of global commerce and economic growth, and we are focused on developing leading professionals and services to meet their evolving needs in today’s ever-changing business environment.

Here to serve consulting engineering firms

You navigate in an ever-evolving business landscape of changing economies, new accounting policies and evolving tax regulations. You know that thorough business planning, engagement management, a vibrant workplace culture, and visionary leadership are crucial to your success. At the same time, you are trying to control professional time, overhead, and manage cash flow to increase your firm’s profitability and management. This means you need holistic guidance and cost-effective solutions to make sound business decisions.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of business and professional services firms achieve their business objectives - from architecture, engineering and law firms to the creative industries and management consulting businesses.

Our professionals are highly attuned to the industry’s accounting requirements, reporting issues and evolving tax legislation. Whether your challenge is building up your management team, marketing your practice, protecting it from fraud and cyber threats, staying on top of regulatory requirements or planning your succession, you can trust us to look beyond the bottom line towards your business continuity and growth.


An audit or a review of your financial statements is an opportunity to gather information and provide insight that can help you understand and run your business better. A well-conducted audit can generate ideas for reducing waste, tightening controls and spotting trouble before it occurs. This is where RSM’s professionals come in to turn data into information and recommendations.


A disciplined, integrated approach to your tax planning needs requires far more than technical knowledge. It takes a deep understanding of your business and corporate objectives. At RSM, we commit to understanding your company, your goals and your culture, so that we can help you define and implement effective tax strategies in Canada, the United States and across the globe.


​Our consulting professionals help companies navigate challenging business issues. Whether managing risk, harnessing technology and data, improving operations, enabling security and privacy, restructuring your business, navigating transactions or addressing disputes, we help you turn challenges into opportunities that drive results.

Our knowledge and experience spans geography and industry. Through access to our global network of firms, we can help your business develop strategies to thrive in the global market.  Our deep industry expertise delivers insights that can fuel growth and innovation as well as address complex regulations.


The Real Economy, Canada, is a quarterly publication by RSM Canada dedicated to providing the Canadian middle market with a clear picture of notable economic trends and issues. Each volume puts the Canadian economy under the microscope and provide insight into key economic drivers, including inflation, interest rates, debt holdings and government policy, as well as an overview of important industry sectors.

In the latest volume, you will find analysis on just how deep the COVID-19 pandemic will cut into the Canadian economy, what Canadians should look for in the federal government’s economic stimulus package to aid recovery in the short and long-term, and a discussion on business interruption insurance as business owners look to recover losses as a result of COVID-19.

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