Today's engineering students are the future of our industry. That's why ACEC has launched an outreach campaign called Engineering Legacies, which focuses on educating students about Canada's consulting engineering industry. Together with our Member Organizations, we have spoken to more than 5,000 students through presentations and career fairs, outlining the benefits of working in the profession today. To learn more about Engineering Legacies, and consulting engineering in general, visit

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ACEC is proud to sponsor two important annual student events: the Canadian Engineering Leadership Conference (CELC), and the Canadian Engineering Competitions (CEC). Both events are organized through the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES), and hosted by a university.

The CELC and the CEC bring together engineering students from universities across the country. Both events provide opportunities for education and networking; the CEC also gives students the chance to compete in various professional categories, such as design, consulting, presentation, and parliamentary debate. (ACEC, which sponsors the main event, is often asked to judge the debates.)

View the website for the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students
View the website for the Canadian Engineering Leadership Conference
View the website for the Canadian Engineering Competitions

View more about the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) events for 2020-2021 here.

We encourage ACEC members to participate and engage with future engineers and the consulting engineers of tomorrow as part of their student outreach efforts. View a PDF presentation by CFES. Contact information for CFES is included within the presentation.