Parliament Hill Day

Since its inception in 2009, our Parliament Hill Day has been a cornerstone government relations activity. A yearly event, it raises awareness of the issues affecting the consulting engineering industry through meetings with Members of Parliament and Senior Bureaucrats from the federal government. Parliament Hill Day is hosted during the ACEC national leadership conference; delegates from across Canada become “citizen advocates” and help shape policy affecting our sector by meeting with their local MPs. 

Parliament Hill Day 2023

ACEC-Canada will be hosting its 2023 Parliament Hill Day on Thursday October 19. Learn more about this year's event and how to register here

Parliament Hill Day 2022: Amplifying the Voice of the Consulting Engineering Industry

The ACEC-Canada team speaks tirelessly to elected officials on how the work of consulting engineering firms positively impacts the economic, social, and environmental quality of life of Canadians. Yet, no one can share this message more eloquently than our members! That’s why our cornerstone government relations activity, Parliament Hill Day, is so important - it creates citizen advocates who help ACEC-Canada shape policy affecting the sector. 

The week of February 15, 2022, representatives from ACEC-Canada members firms helped amplify the voice of the industry by participating in the first ever virtual Parliament Hill Day. These dedicated volunteers took time to met with Members of Parliament (MPs) to discuss how consulting engineering firms help support a thriving and sustainable economy. Through their participation, these volunteers helped share ACEC-Canada’s primary advocacy messages to a broad audience of elected officials from all the major parties. 

Let’s Work Together

During their meetings, participants shared three key messages, that our industry is ready to work with elected officials to: 

  • Implement an independent National Infrastructure Assessment that provides an integrated vision for the environment and economy
    An independent and permanent National Infrastructure Agency should guide the Assessment to maintain a consistent and data-based view of Canada’s long-term infrastructure needs. 
  • Reinstate and reenergize the National Guide to Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure
    Also known as InfraGuide, it was a collection of tools for sustainable infrastructure, offering municipalities the best in Canadian experience and knowledge.
  • Create clear and coordinated approval processes that are efficient and incentivize investment
    The government should work with stakeholders and provincial counterparts to review and harmonize funding and project approval process across jurisdictions to identify opportunities for efficiency.

Key Results

  • 82% of participating MPs were familiar with the consulting engineering industry
  • 90% of participating MPs expressed their support for ACEC-Canada’s goals and advocacy messages
  • 100% of participating MPs were identified as an ally to the industry 

Overview of the Day

Over 25 meetings took place over the course of a week with MPs from all the major political parties. Participants met with:

  • 11 Liberal MPs
  • 9 Conservative MPs
  • 4 NDP MPs
  • 3 Bloc Quebecois MPs

What Participants Shared about their Meetings

“The Member of Parliament I met with was grateful to learn about ACEC and the breadth of work conducted by consulting engineering firms across Canada. They pledged support for our goals around the National Infrastructure Assessment and the recommendations ACEC has made around infrastructure investments”
Dirka Prout, Wood

“The meeting with my Member of Parliament was a successful one. They understood the role of consulting engineers and how we positively impact society.  They inquired into the Infraguide and further information regarding this initiative."
Ben Hunter, LEA Consulting Limited

"During our meeting, the Member of Parliament and I had a productive discussion on the need to improve the efficiency of approvals and funding processes to incentivize infrastructure investment and other issues related to the Industry (Resources) and Technology sectors in Ontario and across Canada.”
Tom Montgomery, CIMA+

If you have any questions about ACEC’s advocacy efforts, or would like more information, please contact John Gamble, ACEC President and CEO at