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241 CONSOR Engineers LLC Houston
242 CONSOR Engineers LLC Austin
243 CONSOR Engineers LLC Dallas
244 CONSOR Engineers LLC El Paso
245 CONSOR Engineers LLC Fort Worth
246 CONSOR Engineers LLC San Antonio
247 Construction & Expertise PG Inc. Beauharnois
248 Construction & Expertise PG Inc. Sept-Îles
249 Construction & Expertise PG Inc. Wabush
250 Consultec Ltd. Toronto
251 Consulting Engineers of Newfoundland and Labrador St. John's
252 Core Engineering Inc. St. John’s
253 Coseb inc. Chambly
254 COWI North America Ltd. Edmonton
255 COWI North America Ltd. Halifax
256 COWI North America Ltd. North Vancouver
257 COWI North America Ltd. Toronto
258 Crandall Engineering Ltd. Fredericton
259 Crandall Engineering Ltd. Moncton
260 Crandall Engineering Ltd. Saint John

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