Proxy Solicited By Secretariat

2023 Annual General Meeting of Members


The undersigned, being a delegate representing a member firm of the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies - Canada hereby appoints, the person identified below as proxy, with power of substitution, to attend and vote for the undersigned at the Annual General Meeting of members to be held October 11, 2023 and at any adjournments, for the election of directors, for the appointment of auditors, and on such other business as may properly come before the meeting; hereby revoking any proxy given.




*I confirm that I am a authorized delegate acting on behalf of my firm.


Every member has the right to appoint the member of his choice (who need not be a member) to attend and act on his/her behalf at the meeting. Indicate below if you wish to assign your proxy to the Chair of the meeting or if you wish to designate another person to act for you:


I hereby assign my proxy to the Chair of the Meeting

I hereby assign my proxy to the person identified below:



Please complete this proxy by October 6 2023.
If you have any questions please contact