Opening and closing keynote speakers

Stephen Poloz
Opening Keynote

Stephen is a widely recognized economist with nearly 40 years of experience in financial markets, forecasting, and economic policy, including 35 years in the public sector. 

Prior to joining Osler, Stephen was the 9th Governor of the Bank of Canada,Canada’s central bank. Stephen was Governor of the Bank for seven years after having previously spent 14 years there during 1981-95 occupying a range of increasingly senior positions. 

Stephen is also the author of the upcoming book titled The Next Age of Uncertainty: How the World Can Adapt to a Riskier Future that maps out the powerful economic forces that are shaping our future and the ideas that will allow us to master them. 

Prior to joining the Bank of Canada, Stephen spent 14 years at Export Development Canada, as Chief Economist (1999-2008), Head of Lending (2008-2011) and finally as President and CEO (2011-2013). He also spent four years at BCA Research, where he was Managing Editor of the International Bank Credit Analyst, one of their flagship publications.

Stephen is a Certified International Trade Professional and a graduate of Columbia University’s Senior Executive Program. He has been a visiting scholar at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C., and at the Economic Planning Agency in Tokyo, Japan. He is a frequent speaker and writer and has taught economics at the University of Western Ontario, Concordia University and Queen’s School of Business. 

At Osler, Stephen provides clients with his significant expertise and strategic guidance regarding the financial system, trade, economic policy both domestically and on a global scale.


Jeff Lutzak
Opening Keynote Moderator

Jeff provides financial and compliance audit and consultation services to a variety of private sector entities. He focuses primarily on business and professional services organizations and is the Engineering and Architectural Lead for RSM Canada.

Jeff also works with several business and professional services industry groups helping to ensure their members are informed of the latest accounting, assurance and tax legislation. In his current role, Jeff delivers advice and consultation regarding complex accounting and taxation matters, assists engagement teams in audit matters, and is responsible for ensuring that reports issued by the firm comply with professional standards.



Anna Maria Tremonti
Closing Keynote

Until very recently, listeners from around the world were privileged to listen to Anna Maria Tremonti’s compelling interviews each & every day on Canada’s most popular radio program, “The Current”. She has the gift of tackling everything from the politics of the day, to the changes that affect our society, to the stories of individuals whose personal journeys and traumas affect us all. Without a doubt, every dedicated listener has been consistently moved and inspired by Anna Maria’s genuine approach to interviewing. A masterful storyteller, Tremonti delivers talks that touch the human spirit and captivate audiences. After 17 years at the helm of "The Current" and as a two-time Gemini Award winner, now Anna Maria is taking a leap into the world of digital communication with a new way of telling stories and sharing ideas, through original podcasts that will illuminate, challenge and surprise.

Anna Maria is also a former foreign correspondent and war correspondent who spent close to a decade posted in Berlin, London, Jerusalem and Washington. Her ongoing coverage of major international stories includes the breakup of the former Soviet Union, the war in Bosnia, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the politics of the Arab world, Europe and the United States.  She also has extensive experience covering Canadian federal and provincial politics.​


John Gamble
Closing Keynote Moderator

John Gamble is a licensed professional engineer with expertise in public policy. As president and CEO of the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC), he is widely regarded as a leading expert and spokesperson on industry issues across Canada and internationally. His success is built on his combined experience in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. He has run for political office and served as a senior advisor to two successive cabinet ministers in the Ontario provincial government.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from Queen's University and spent the first 10 years of his career practicing environmental engineering in the private sector. Throughout his career, John Gamble has actively promoted the importance of engineering to our social, economic and environmental quality of life to a wide range of industry, government, academic and public organizations. In 2006, he received an award from ACEC for his “exceptional contribution to the consulting engineering industry.” He is also a recipient of the Honorary Membership Award from the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists. 


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