Chair’s Report

Tim Stanley, P.Eng.
Chair of ACEC-Canada Board 2022-2023

It’s been a big year for the consulting engineering industry, and I’m very privileged to have served as Chair of ACEC’s Board of Directors.

Having the opportunity to travel the country to meet and learn from our members is one of the things I was most looking forward to when I took on the role of Chair. Over the past year, I’ve seen you overcome challenges, face unpredictability with confidence and skill, and make lasting positive impacts on your communities.

Seeing this firsthand has reinforced the way we at ACEC-Canada promote consulting engineering firms as society’s trusted advisors and solution-driven innovators. By constantly finding creative efficiencies, solving complex problems, and delivering the best possible outcomes, our members have proven time and again that our industry has a critical role to play in tackling the challenges we face as a global community. There’s no question that your work improves the social, environmental, and economic quality of life for Canadians and people around the world.

It’s an important time for our industry, and with momentum on our side, we have worked together to secure some major wins this past year. 

We’ve been able to strengthen ACEC’s position as a trusted government stakeholder – from working to advance a long-term vision for Canada’s infrastructure, to advocating for procurement reform and greater support for our resource sector. As political leaders have been returning to Ottawa in person more regularly, we saw increased engagement with elected officials and their staff. Over the course of the fiscal year, we hosted a successful parliamentary reception in Ottawa, and we met with dozens of government officials and ministerial staff, as well as Members of Parliament and Senators of all political stripes.

In the lead-up to the federal budget, ACEC submitted recommendations that positioned the consulting engineering industry as vital to achieving the government’s goals in the years ahead, particularly in building a strong and sustainable economy. As a result, we saw several announcements that benefit our industry in Budget 2023, including significant investments in skilled trades and clean energy, and commitments to improve the impact assessment and permitting processes for major projects.

Another highlight for me this year was the progress we’ve made as an organization to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion. ACEC’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee commissioned a months-long national research project that examined four themes related to women and diversity in consulting engineering: education for employers, parental leave, flexibility, and pathways to leadership. The study identified tangible actions that ACEC can take to better support our member firms in recruiting and retaining more diverse talent. We’re looking forward to building on the work we’re already doing so that we can create inclusive workplaces that benefit everyone and ensure our industry continues to thrive in the long-term.

The future of our industry depends on us working together to modernize and grow. That’s why it was a particularly proud moment for me when we put forth our new Strategic Plan laying out our vision: a strong and resilient Canada designed and built by a thriving consulting engineering industry. Under this Plan, we will champion our industry by driving smart government policies, strengthen firms by promoting diversity and developing future leaders, and support our members with the opportunities and resources they need. I know that this Strategic Plan will carry us forward into an exciting new chapter for consulting engineering.

Everything we’ve accomplished over the past year wasn’t by accident – the many people across this organization working together towards the same goal have made all the difference.
For advocating for the consulting engineering industry at the national level, I’d like to thank President and CEO John Gamble and his entire team at ACEC-Canada. Their work on behalf of our members to inform smart government policies has a tangible impact on our industry, and I’m grateful to have them in our corner.

To the staff members and volunteers within our member organizations and firms across the country: thank you. You represent the very best of our industry, and we truly appreciate all that you do.

I must also sincerely thank our Board of Directors, a dedicated team of experts who have continuously impressed me with their passion and excellent guidance over the past year. It’s been a true honour to serve as their Chair. 

On that note, I’d like to extend a warm welcome and congratulations to our new Board of Directors and the incoming Chair, Allyson Desgroseilliers, who have an exciting year ahead of them. Allyson is an experienced leader in consulting engineering, and I know that she, along with the new Board, will excel in their new roles and continue to strengthen our industry. 


Tim Stanley, P.Eng.
Chair, Board of Directors 2022-2023