Nancy Pauw Bridge


Responding to the Town of Banff’s desire for a bridge that is natural and unobtrusive in its context, StructureCraft designed and built the Nancy Pauw Bridge out of sustainable timber, creating a shallow, high-thrust arch that appears effortless as it spans the pristine Bow River in the town. The 80m clear span and shallow profile were necessary to minimize environmental impact, provide flood condition clearance, and limit ramp intrusion into adjacent park lands – all while preserving unhindered views of the beautiful Rocky Mountain setting. The solution was an extremely shallow arch with a nearly impossible rise to span ratio of only 1 to 20. The most difficult aspect of the slender design was addressing vibration performance, which was resolved with a single central tuned mass damper tuned for walking and jogging frequencies. The project was delivered under budget and ahead of schedule using an all-inclusive Design-Build delivery model. The bridge's stunning design, that blends artistry, technique, and skill captivated the jury. They were particularly impressed by the innovative use of traditional and sustainable materials through sophisticated analysis that pushed the limits of timber construction.

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