Energy loop / Espace Montmorency


gbi's initial brief was to carry out the engineering for a new construction of four multi-purpose towers. A feasibility study was first carried out to assess the possibility of integrating an energy-sharing loop into a large-scale, multi-purpose complex. By modelling the energy requirements for each hour of the year, we were able to compare the annual needs of a traditional system with those of a loop enabling energy to be recovered and shared between buildings. gbi convinced the client to attempt the integration of this technology, pointing out the many advantages, including reduced power requirements for the systems installed at the thermal power plant, and therefore lower operating costs. With the implementation of a common energy loop for the entire site, Espace Montmorency reconciles environment, economy and diversity of uses. The use of new well technology showcased to the jurors the project's innovative nature. They noted how it serves as a model for future endeavours, showcasing the feasibility of energy loop systems and the role of consulting engineers as change agents.

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