Standing column wells/Clé-des-Champs elementary school


gbi’s mandate was to replace the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems at a school in the Centre de services scolaires des Mille-Îles. In collaboration with the customer, it was decided to test the idea of standing column wells (SCW), a technology being researched by Polytechnique Montréal. With SCW, only 5 x 135 m pumping wells and 1 injection well were required, rather than 22 x 150 m closed-loop wells, reducing the initial investment by 40%. The project resulted in a reduction by 99 % of greenhouse gas emissions compared to the existing building, by 80 % of the peak electrical power demand compared to electric resistive heating system and by 42% the energy consumption compared to the exising system. SCW make it possible to reconcile the paradox that exists between decarbonizing buildings and managing the demand for power on the electrical grid. This environmentally friendly solution serves as an effective and practical example for other schools, as noted by the jury. The collaboration with the university further emphasizes the project's innovative nature and dedication to advancing sustainable solutions.

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