Port Saint John Westside Modernization Project

New Brunswick

Port Saint John undertook the Westside Modernization Project to expand its container terminal and intermodal capacity. Hatch and Dillon Consulting were engaged to develop scalable infrastructure while maintaining port operations. The team considered the long-term outlook for the project and designed adaptable infrastructure, including a new scalable intermodal rail yard, a fully automated truck gate and a new berth that simultaneously accommodates an existing 100-foot and new 50-foot gauge crane. The container berth’s construction was also completed in tides ranging more than 8 meters which posed major design and operational challenges. The innovative infrastructure design has made Port Saint John the fastest-growing container terminal in North America and will accommodate high capacities for years to come, resulting in lasting positive impacts for New Brunswick’s economy. The project’s success was recognized by the jury as a pivotal endeavor to enabling crucial growth for the client. The complex nature of the project, involving the management of significantly large tides, further highlighted the team’s engineering expertise.

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