Caribou Falls Block Dam 2 Reconstruction


The Caribou Falls Generating Station Block Dam 2 sustained unexpected slope movements after 60 years of good performance. Ontario Power Generation retained KGS Group to perform investigations, design, and provide contract administration and dam performance monitoring for reconstruction of the dam. Several state-of-the-art geotechnical and geophysical exploration techniques were employed, including a seismic refraction survey and seismic cone penetrometer testing to best understand the subsurface conditions of the site. Innovative materials and sound engineering judgement were applied to design and construct a new earthfill dam. KGS Group integrated constructability, risk mitigation and schedule saving strategies at the planning level to best minimize construction obstacles. Despite unforeseen challenges and adversity during execution, the team delivered a successful project that was safely completed on budget and on schedule. For the jury this project emphasizes a consulting engineer's ability to adapt and innovate to effectively meet site conditions. An organized field trip with First Nation high school students and the employment and skilled trades development for local community members showcased to the jury a strong commitment to fostering meaningful relationships and collaboration.

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