WSP Digital Acceleration Initiative


In 2020, WSP launched a strategic digital acceleration initiative with the goal of becoming a fully integrated firm with advanced technology as the basis of their service delivery. A Digital Solutions team of experts was formed to educate and elevate the team, create integrated standardized digital workflows, and work towards a central database that integrates various project data streams, all in both official languages for 760 employees across 22 different offices. Implementing these practices has led to an increase in the direct labor multiplier by 4.8% and enabled WSP to offer digitally integrated consulting services to clients. This will position WSP for successful project outcomes amongst the adapting needs of the industry including digital asset management and decarbonization. This technological advancement was noted by the jury as significant in terms of industry progress, providing a forward-looking approach to building smarter and enhancing competitiveness. The implementation of BIM and Revit across the firm has proven to be highly effective in reducing claims and lowering costs within the construction process.

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