Landslide and slope restoration


The City of Saguenay faced a state of regional emergency and wanted to protect its residents from landslides. Englobe provided key geotechnical analyses, supervised emergency stabilization work, citizen evacuations, property recovery, destruction of at-risk residences and restoration of the damaged slope. In a world of technical hyperspecialization, Englobe innovates by acting as an agile and flexible integrator, capable of managing both the human and the technical aspects. By creating a robust operational chain, the team provided rapid, privileged access to the decision-makers and resources needed to complete the project. The emergency evacuation of 83 homes potentially saved 230 residents. Blending civil engineering and agronomy, Englobe harmonized the damaged environment and restored the ecosystem to its original state, using local native species. Englobe's remarkable combination of technical expertise and human connection to effectively manage the crisis impressed the jury. The team’s accurate prediction of the landslide proved vital in saving lives and preventing significant loss and damage. Additionally, the jury noted the use of local native species to restore the environment, showcasing a thoughtful and sustainable approach.

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